Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Stupid Northern Alberta Snow

So last night after my husband got home from work, he convinced me to go to the hospital since I have had an earache since Saturday morning. I pack up my purse and head out to the car. I back up and start driving out my drive-way and I get stuck :( I try backing up and driving forward but caught a patch of black ice and ended up half in the ditch. I walked back to the house and my husband tried to drive me out (unsuccessful).

He finished eating his dinner and we got the thickest blanket in our house and went to his truck. He parked behind my car, I got out and folded up the blanket and put it against my car. My husband then slowly pulled up towards my car until he was just against it. I then got into my car and we both went into drive and he tried to (slowly) push me out -  - it didn't work. I turn my car off again and get into the truck. My husband then backs down the driveway but got stuck in a patch of black ice and slide into the snow that connects our driveway with our neighbours. I got out of the truck (dropped into two feet of snow) and went back inside while my husband tried to get his truck out.

He called me (from his cell) about 10 minutes later and told me to call a tow-truck to dig my car out. I called the only service in town (closest town being 20 minutes away) and he told me that he was the only guy on and that it would be atleast 3 hours!!!!! I put my name on the list.

My husband and the neighbour tried digging out his truck for 45 minutes with no success. We decided that when the tow truck came that he would pull my car out first, then pull my husband's truck out (he had gotten his truck right behind mine).

Tow truck finally came at 10pm (around the 3 hour mark) and pulled our vehicles out. Thankfully, he didn't charge us for two call outs (probably helped we paid cash) and my husband parked our cars on the side of the road.

So now our cars will be parked on the side of the road until the snow melts, or atleast until the temperature stops fluctuating. The problem is that during the day it is -2 so the snow melts, but at night it goes down to -20 so everything that melted freezes which just causes a mess.

We decided that come spring we will be adding gravel to our driveway (at the entrance/exit) where there is a little hill and come summer we will be paving it.

We will also be investing in a snowblower before next winter :)

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