Friday, 22 May 2015

May long weekend of project

Now I know that May-long weekend (aka may two-four) is usually the kick off to summer and the first camping weekend of the season; however, because I want to put the house up for sale in it's best condition, and my husband was working, I figured this was the perfect time to get some projects done!!!!

First up a trip to my local home hardware to pick up supplies:

When we got home from town it was still pretty early and I knew my son wouldn't go for a nap and since he ate lunch in the car on the way home (loves his hot dogs) I got straight to work and started clearing out this garden I planted two years ago but wasn't able to touch last year because the mayflies were so bad we couldn't even go out without eating bugs by the mouthful:


After raking and clearing out weeds:

all the debris that came out of the garden:

Next up is planter boxes for the deck, my little helper smoothed out the dirt and helped me place them on the deck:

The biggest job for the weekend was painting the entry closet and interior doors. . .these are the before:

1st coat done!!!

closet is done, added another shelf to the top and side shelves

Because I painted the doors, I no longer wanted over the door hanger so I found this cute towel hanger at Winners for the bathroom:

Last job Monday night was using goo gone and cleaning off the tape reside off window trim inside left behind from the terrible tape we bought last year to secure the airconditioner (forgot to take pictures of that). But after I was done doing the windows, my husband asked if it was safe to use on hsi truck (he used canada post tape to tape film on his window a couple of months ago when his window was stuck in the down position). . .it worked perfectly to clean it up!!!

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