Friday, 5 December 2014

new challenge blog!!! Picture This! coming soon!!!!

Okay so as most of you know I am a stay-at-home mom to a wonderful little 3-year old (Kyle) who is the apple of my eye and I love doing (and documenting) all of our adventures together!!! Which is why sketches are my favorite go-to scrapbook tool (yes i called sketches a tool)!!! But what i love most about sketches is because the sketch gives me such a great starting place it leaves me time to focus on other things on my layout such as design, colour, technique, embellishing (etc etc) so when I came across Picture This! challenge blog I immediately thought this is right up my alley!!!

Their challenges focus of photos, techinques and products!!! Hello incredible right!!! I am so excited to get started with them (and if i didn't have a ton of things on my crafting table [aka my kitchen counter] i would be all over the December Mini Challenge sampler (however, if i by chance do get my presents [and cards] finished by december 19th i will definitely trying to create something for this challenge).

Okay so you are probably asking why I am telling you about this (well besides the obvious that they are AWESOME). . .1) it gives you another reason to create; 2) they are brand new and want to get the word out; 3) a chance to win some kick a$$ stuff (no joke, like really who doesn't like free stuff??) go and check them out on their blog: or facebook page: like them, comment on their giveaway and you could win!!! And although free stuff is always nice (especially free scrapping stuff) you are learning about a brand new site/challenge so common what do you have to lose, come play!!!

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