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Kyle's Sesame Street 2nd Birthday Party

Thank goodness for Pinterest. . .the problem is that I needed to go to about a dozen different sites to find all the information I wanted to create the perfect 2nd birthday for my son.

This was at the welcome table so guests could drop off their gifts and sign Kyle's guest "book".

Close up of the sign, Kyle signed it himself

Big Bird and Elmo's footprints leading the way to the party (footprint templates printed from

Pinata, Kyle picked it out himself at Party City in Edmonton and carted it all over the store until we got to the til. It was quite cute watching him carry it as the pinata is nearly as large as he is: 

Oscar's broccoli plate. I purchased four large broccoli stalks and cut the tree tops off. To make the eyes I got ketsup dip containers from McDonalds and filled them with vegetable dip. The eye balls and mouth are blueberries and the eye lashes are sliced yellow peppers. For this face (and all faces) were put on regular dinner plates so that they were more sturdy. 

Grover's vegetable dip. Epicure Lemon Dilly Dip (1 cup sour cream, 1 cup mayonaise, 3 tablespoons spice):

Ernie's carrot plate. Baby carrots with vegetable dip eyes, cherry tomato nose and blueberry mouth:

Elmo watermelon plate. Watermelon face, fruit dip eyes, blueberry mouth, mandarin orange nose:

Abby's fruit dip. Epicure fruit dip (1 cup yogurt, 1 cup sour cream, 3 tablespoon spice):

Big Bird's pineapple plate. I used two large pineapple and cut up into bit-sized pieces. For his hair and beak I sliced a yellow pepper. The eyebrows and tongue are sliced watermelon. Eyes are fruit dip with blueberry centers:

Mr Noodle's pasta salad. I cooked two bags of tri-coloured noodles and cooled them in the fridge overnight. I then cut up 1 cup radishes, 2 cups cherry tomatoes, 1 large cucumber, and 1 red pepper. Added 1 cup of sliced sausages, 1 cup shreaded mozza cheese and tossed it with my hands. I then made a ranch dip (1 package ranch, 1 cup sour cream, 1 cup mayonaise) and mixed it with a spoon:

Elmo's Pizza bites.

2 packages pillsbury biscuits
2 packages of mozza cheese (could also used pre shreaded mozza cheese)
1 coil garlic sausage
muffin tin

1) take apart biscuits (you would then have 16 biscuits, 8 from each package)
2) using clean kitchen scissors cut each biscuit into 4s
3) take one piece of biscuit and flatten with your hand
4) put biscuit in your hand and add little bit of cheese and sausage
5) roll into a ball
6) add more mozza
7) continue rolling into a ball
8) continue steps 3-7 until you have no more biscuits left
9) place 1 circled biscuit into each muffin cup
10) baked at 350 for 11-13 minutes
** these are good hot and cold

Dorothy's Goldfish:

Sesame Street friends chocolates. I used a wilton mold and melting chocolate coloured wafers:

Close up of the different chocolates: 

Food table. I added stuffed animals and plastic sesame street characters to the table for added fun:

I added Sesame Street swirl decorations onto the tablecloths using tape:

I made food labels on my computer and added character stickers:

I used both Sesame Street napkins and solid coloured napkins:

I decorated cupcakes using extra icing from the cake sticking to the primary colours. The cupcakes were chocolate cake. The stand I found at our local dollar store:

Kyle's cake. I used Wilton's Elmo Cake mold and made buttercream icing. The candles I got at the local dollar store. Cake board is from Bulk Barn:

Smaller napkins were put on the cake/cupcake table:

6 foot character mural was purchased from Party City. This was a huge hit with the kids and made a perfect backdrop for photos: 

Cookie Monster cookie toss. I covered a kitty litter box with wrapping paper (turned inside out) and painted the front cookie monster blue. I then printed out Cookie Monster's face (on blue paper) and pasted it to the front of the box. Using a utility knife, I cut out the mouth. i then painted the inside of cookie's mouth black, painted his eyes white and outlined everything with black jiffy marker. My mom made the cookie bean bags and was able to find chocolate chip fabric so they looked like real cookies:

Oscar's toss the trash. I used a plain white garbage can from home and scrunched up some newspapers:

Super Grover's tattoo station. I found sesame street character tattoo at Party City. Placed them on a table with a bowl with a little bit of water in it as well as a couple of small facecloths so the kids could put on their tattoos at the table in the room (rather than going to the bathroom):

Ernie's Rubber Ducky pond. I placed 6 small rubber ducks in a bowl of water. On the bottom of 2 of the ducks I wrote 1, two have 2, two have 3. The purpose of the game is with their eyes closed the children pick a duck. They then look at the bottom of the duck and match their number with the prize buckets and then they win that prize:  

Prize containers for Ernie's Rubber ducky pond:

Counting with the count. I cut individual papers and put stickers on the front, when you lift the flap the answer is written:

Tables were decorated with primary colour tablecloths. On each table there was four balloons (1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 red, 1 green) tied to a coloured balloon weight. The balloon weight corresponded to the tablecloth. On the weight I put stickers, the yellow weight was Big Bird, red was Elmo, green was Oscar, blue was Cookie Monster. I then added Sesame Street stuffed animals:

Pin the nose on Elmo. Found this game at Party City, the kids had so much fun with the game. The winner won a sesame street bubble bath: 

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