Friday, 31 January 2014

A couple of more layouts this month (layouts 10-13)

I know I haven't been updating very often since i injured my back but I am happy to announce that I started physio this week and my therapist was pleasantly surprised at how strong I am and I was even able to do some stage 2 exercises. I'm still not able to carry or pick-up my son but my therapist is hoping that by next week I will be able to pick him up (insert happy dance here).  

Last Friday my pain was at about a 2 and Saturday I was still at a 2 so I scrapped the following layouts. I know I should have listened to the doctor when he said to stop as soon as I feel pain, but I figured, if I just finish this one layout then I will take a break. So I would take a break and then go and start another layout. Well I was on such a roll and was using the same stack (DCWV Evergreen Stack that I got for Christmas) and everything was coming together so nicely that I kept going.

Well I woke up Sunday morning and could barely move and my pain was a 5 :(

Since then I have started physio and have been taking it easy but am still quite tired easily so by the time my little one goes to bed I take my meds and go to sleep. Luckily my mom is still here (love how moms just drop everything when you need them) and she takes care of my son during the day, although my son has been sitting with me and beside me (since it finally doesn't hurt when he does) he is going through withdrawl and as a result has been acting out. Atleast I am not the only one who is sad I am injured.

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