Tuesday, 21 October 2014

A Cat in the Hat Birthday - Kyle is 3!!!!

October 11th we celebrated Kyle's 3rd birthday. I started prepping weeks ahead of schedule so the week of I could focus on food and visiting with my parents who flew up for the occasion.

Things I did beforehand:

- Kyle and I went to the store and he picked out items he wanted in his pinata. I then divided the candy equally into 50 baggies (most were put in the pinata, the others in a bowl). I made enough packages so each child gets two baggies and each adult gets one baggy. After attending multiple parties where the pinata is a free-for-all and kids scrambling (some injuries) and more than one child crying because he/she got more than he/she did. I decided on the baggy idea that way every child gets the same amount.

- one day while playing playdough, Kyle found a star cookie cutter and went and got his pinata to show me that the two were the same and then he asked for star cookies. I asked him what color he wanted his stars - red red. So that afternoon I made cookies and froze them, the next day i iced and added sugar glitter to them and they went back to the freezer until his birthday.

finished stars (before they went into the freezer):

I couldn't find a thing 1 and thing 2 cut-out so I made my own:

The night before we made icing for the cake and cupcakes (kyle was our official taste-tester):
the morning of (i got up very early since we had to be at the hall for 10 to decorate), I made  cat in the hat pizzas (refridgerated bun dough):

 Kyle was a super big help:

pizzas ready for oven (the small one is kyle's as he wanted to eat now)

snuggling with his cat before we got ready to go:

Food at the party:

Finished cut-out

Bounce house was a huge hit!!!


I couldn't find a cat in the hat "hat" so i made my own using a canada day hat (took off the maple leave and glue gunned a strip of red felt)

The Cake/Cupcakes:

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