Friday, 2 August 2013

My newest crafting venture

This crafting adventure actually started back in December when my niece was born and after two months of searching I said screw this instead of buying one (which was impossible I couldn't find one ANYWHERE including ebay and etsy) I decided to make one - easier said than done, I couldn't find the supplies ANYWHERE.

I was just about to give up hope when a new home-based busy Little Monkey Boutique (seriously check her out on facebook she has the most amazing DIY supplies that are affordable and she ships world-wide ) opened up in Cold Lake and got all the supplies I needed to make one for my niece and my girlfriend who by this time also had a girl.

So now I was on the hunt for the centrepiece. . .also more difficult than I could imagine but then stumbled upon another home-based business DapperDan's N SwankySue's in Edmonton (also located on Facebook: ). She makes bottlecaps with all different logos on them so I thought great, I sent her a message and placed my order. Although she ships, I figured since I would be going to Edmonton the next weekend I could just pick them up so that is what I did.

So finally I had all my supplies and I was such a happy girl. I then did some youtubing and some googling to find out how to actually make them (since I have never actually done this and I didn't want them to fall apart) and this is the final result:

My cousin like the Canucks ones I made so much that when it came time for her daughter's birthday I made her an Edmonton Eskimos one:

We were invited to go to our friend's daughter's 1st birthday. When discussing with my husband what we were going to get as a present he requested that I make her a couple of headbands so this is what she got for her birthday:

Since being on holidays I have requested a whole bunch more supplies from Little Monkey Boutique (since her christmas stuff is coming in) so i have a feeling my niece is going to have a bunch more!!!!!

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